Digital Transformation

The world has changed and to survive one has to change even faster. Digital tools can have a real and lasting effect on your business processes, make them more efficient and flexible. We have brought together a group of professionals: business strategists, analysts, IT specialists, all of them help to meet the new challenges of the market.

What kind of problems do we solve?

Increase in sales
Increase in company recognition and product awareness
Fast and effective development and retention of employees

How do we solve problems?

We analyze business processes and identify weak spots from the point of view of Digital Transformation trends.
Strategy session
We hold several meetings with the board of directors to indicate problematic areas and, drawing on the cases in the industry and current trends in Digital Transformation, devise potential solutions together with the client.
Solution implementation
We conduct research and prototype a solution, which is then integrated into the business process of the company. After the adjustment the solution is fully implemented.

Clients who used Digital Transformation

Kirill Kulikov
Head of IT infrastructure at JSC Sheremetyevo Int Airport

“Part of the workplaces have been virtualized, for example, in the Airport Control Centre. Moreover, we offer some commercial IT services to other companies on the base of virtual desktops. For instance, access to the resources management system. There are several companies, including Aeroflot, that are using our resources management system for their needs. In this case virtualized workplaces make it possible to simplify the delivery of services, as well as provide security”.

Elena Eshilova
Organizational Development Director at VimpelCom

“We expect the project to help us reduce our leased office spaces by 30%. But the main goal is to teach our workers to be result-oriented, to upgrade the level of digitalization in our company, and also to win the battle for talent, to become a more appealing and innovating employer in the run-up to the personnel crisis of 2020”.

Vladislav Belyaev
Chief Information Officer and the Executive Board member of Cherkizovo Group

“It is important to note that we don’t have a lot of IT personnel in our Moscow office, not more than 40 people. This assignment is due to the fact that, first, it is better for the IT service to be closer to regional business, and, second, its disposition there is more cost-efficient, than in Moscow. In Penza we can find employees as qualified as in Moscow, but cheaper. Key aspects also include the labour turnover, which is lower in the regions, people are less inclined to change jobs there”.


We work with large Russian businesses, corporations and government institutions that are ready for change.
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