Reduction of turnover of restaurants caused
by the queues in the checkout area

Core of the problem
People come to
the restaurant and see long
queues in the checkout area
In many cases the guest
of the restaurant is not ready
to waste his or her time waiting
The guest leaves the restaurant
without making an order

Introduction of a remote system of order placement and payment. The service becomes available to the guest via the Burger King mobile app.

Placement of the order
in a smartphone via the
Burger King app on the
way to the restaurant
1 Step Search for the
restaurant on the map
2 Step Online order
3 Step Order confirmation by
shifting to the
payment page
4 Step Payment for
the order through
the account-bound card
5 шаг Acquisition of a special
code for picking up
the order
Once the guest is in
the restaurant, he or
she can just show the
order number to the cashier
and get it skipping the line
2% increase in the turnover
of the restaurants in 2017
5% increase in the turnover
of the busiest restaurants in 2018