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Dog and cat feed manufacturer that attends to the development
of balanced nutrition for pets with different needs: senior age,
long hair, skincare, breed. Special attention in the product range
is paid to veterinary diet food.
Product "Calm"
Royal Canin Calm feed – veterinary diet for cats
and dogs in stressful situations or undergoing
a period of adaptation to a new environment.
Tell veterinarians about the new Royal Canin Calm
diet for stress-susceptible pets!
After interviewing a group of veterinarians, we discovered that most
of them have no notion of how stress can manifest itself among pets,
and improperly recommend neutering.
Veterinarians are cynical about advertisements
and recommendations that come from pet feed manufacturers
A special educational project for veterinarians
Test of knowledge of pets’
stress symptoms: only 28%
gave correct answers
Exchange of personal data:
subscription to a free Focus magazine
A video lecture by
a French ethologist
The site was visited by 9176
unique users. That is more
than 80% of veterinarians
on the Runet
17% watched
the 2-hour long lecture
till the end
50% of users
shared their personal
Royal Canin Calm pilot project went on to become
the start of a nationwide educational project of the brand –
Royal Canin Vet Academy