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OMEN by HP is a line of high-performance and innovative gaming
devices and accessories that are powerful enough to be used
for world e-sports tournaments.
OMEN by HP laptop
A powerful laptop with venomous
design for work and training.
Includes a quad-core Intel® Core™
processor and up to NVIDIA® GeForce®
GTX 1070 graphics. 15.6 or 17.3 inch
diagonal screen size.
Increase recognition of the new
gaming laptop OMEN by HP.
Attract gaming audience to HP
communities in social networks.
Direct line of communication with the targeted audience through a popular blogger
Wylsacom: a video review of the product, a contest with OMEN by HP laptop being the prize.
The audience watches
the review of the product
features and finds out how
to win it
The contestants subscribe
to the blogger’s channel
and to HP community
and they also share
the promo post
The blogger decides the winner
by looking through the profiles
of the contestants on
the screen of the HP laptop
Thanks to the broad reach and the choice of a relevant
blogger the recognition of the HP Omen laptop among gamers was increased
453 603
23 322 likes / 3 013 dislikes
1 629 comments
Increase in number of the subscribers of HP communities
+ 36 093 subscribers
+ 34 694 subscribers
+ 3 603 subscribers